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Prod Company: Eleven Film

Exec Producers: 
Joel Wilson
Olivia Trench
Daniel Brocklehurst


HoP: Victoria Goodall
Dir. Jamie Stone, Ana Kokkinos


Broadcast: BBC 1, BBC iPlayer, Stan Australia

Genre: Historical Drama

Format: 6x 1 hour
Starring: Michelle Keegan, Faye Wilson, Warren Brown


The story follows a group of Britons, often then colloquially known as Poms in Australia and New Zealand, departing post-war Britain in 1956 for Australia, having been promised a better house, better job prospects and a better quality of life for just £10. The group soon learn life in Australia is not as promised. Struggling with their new identity as immigrants, the series follows their triumphs and pitfalls as they adapt to a new life in a new country far from Britain and familiarity.

Elettra joined the team producing the UK footage (the show is set between Australian and England) and producing the multichannel delivery of the show.

Ten Pound Poms won Best Series and Best Actor at the Monte Carlo Television Festival and welcomed more than 4 Million viewers on opening night.

Production Company: Eleven Film (Sex Education)


Best Continuing Drama 2022

Episode Highlights:

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