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International Rights: Tricoast Entertainment

Distributor Italy: Twelve Entertainment


Documentary, 85 Mins

Directed by: Maurizio Gigola

Produced by: Food & Media Ltd.

Stage: Delivered

Gualtiero Marchesi is an artist; a revolutionary. His cooking has changed the history of Italian regional cuisine forever. The Maestro subtracts all elements that he deems redundant and integrates art and aesthetics. Basic components become the absolute protagonist of his dishes in an immersive and sensorial convivial experience.


The documentary explores the life and career of Gualtiero Marchesi, world acclaimed chef and father of revolutionary Italian cuisine in the 20th century.

Marchesi was born an artist. Originally from Milan and educated in France with the best chefs of that time, he was Interested in music and visual arts since his youth but chooses culinary art as his form of expression.

The documentary is the story of an artist with a unique and selective view, anchored to his Italian identity but with a continuous aesthetic evolution.

With contributions from the current most important chefs (Alain Ducasse, Massimo Bottura, Pierre and Michel Troisgros, Carlo Cracco) and some of the leaders of the most valued food and beverages brands, The Great Italian shows the story of a revolution from its roots to its success.

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