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Written and Directed by
Tom Stuart
Produced by

Kay Loxley
Max Marlow

Executive Producers
Elettra Pizzi
Tom Stuart
Gia Coppola
Chris Quested
Alex Gonzalez

Associate Producer

Tom Darby-Evans



The comedy-drama sees Marion Bailey and Ben Whishaw as mother and son, whose attempt to rob a bank is scuppered by bizarre manifestations from their past.


Stuart, co-writer of Gia Coppola's feature film 'Mainstream' which opened at the 77th Venice Film Festival, embarks on his directorial debut with this project which he has also penned.

Inspired by the writer-director's own experience of bereavement, this profoundly personal film explores the insidious malleability of grief and the unexpected ways it asserts itself in daily life. 'Good Boy' is proudly endorsed by Bristol-based grief charity 'Let's Talk About Loss'. The immensely talented supporting cast includes comedy heavyweights Paul Chahidi (This Country) and BAFTA-Nominee Jocelyn Jee Esien (Little Miss Jocelyn), as well as Dino Fetscher (Humans), Mark Monero (Free Fire), Wendy Nottingham (Notes on a Scandal), Bettrys Jones (Cyrano), and newcomers Tommy Belshaw and Ephraim Sampson.


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